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While Russian born and Los Angeles based producer Tanya Kachko, known as DIIIVA, is still a new name in dance- making music has been an integral part of her life since she was five years old. A classically trained violinist turned punk artist - DIIIVA, derives inspiration from a wide range of musical landscapes. Pulling elements from classical harmonies and punchy rock bass lines, her unique pedigree positions her as the next trailblazer in EDM. 


Over the last two years, DIIIVA has been stepping into her identity as an artist and honing in on her unique sonic fingerprint. The result: A sinister blend of bass heavy pop and trap. 


In 2021, several of her releases caught the attention of artists like Skrillex and JOYRYDE. Their cosign led to a remix of Ty Dolla $ign’s ‘Ego Death’ and EDC performance alongside JOYRYDE. Now, DIIIVA is poised with a slew of upcoming releases bound to solidify her as a one of a kind producer. 

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